A little about us

Founded by Atia Cader and Andrew Majzner, the team at Paper Stone Scissors comes from all walks of life. We’ve got an assortment of skills sets, we’re from all over the world and some of us have questionable taste when it comes to the office radio playlist. But we’re all united by striving to do the best possible job for our clients. Because we love it.

Our educational program, YourTurn, invites individuals to be enveloped into the folds of our team for three months. It gives them hands-on experience, working on real projects across our spectrum of services. We do this to give people starting their careers what we hope will be an invaluable experience.  

In 2014, we launched a creative endeavour called Now & Them to celebrate the global importance of creativity. In Shanghai, we showcased the work of creative collaborators across a wide range of disciplines and linked the exhibition to a charity which looks after the education of Chinese children. The second Now & Them was held in 2016 with equal success and we intend to expand and grow this initiative over time to showcase just how creative expression touches all of us in such profound ways.