23rd March 2017

Raw - Getting to the heart of brands

It’s no secret the team at PSS are into great food and promoting the efforts of those behind it. Our latest publication RAW reveals the ‘drive’ behind 3 great food and drinks related friends of ours and how we got to the heart of their brand to bring it to life. Consider these key points or ask us how we can help:

Find your story — Behind all great produce is a better story. This is what people connect to and a fast way to find your place in the hearts of a food-obsessed nation.

Differentiate – Consumers are dining out at restaurants and cafes more often. With an abundance of choice, it’s more important than ever to stand out.

Delight. Always – Our growing desire for quality produce and a connection to the source means you need to create experiences that excite and delight at every opportunity.

14th March 2017

Awards season has started

The full line-up of jurors have been selected for the 38th Australian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) Awards and we are delighted to announce that one of our Creative Directors, Emily Woollett, has been chosen as one of the judges. Emily is one of a total of 110 creatives selecting the winners of this year’s awards, which kicks off today. Good luck to everyone who has entered!  

28th February 2017

We’re very excited to announce that our Creative Director, Atia has been invited to be part of this year’s D&AD Graphic Design Jury.

D&AD is an amazing organisation, celebrating the finest work in the creative industry. The awards are taking place the 25th - 27th April in Shoreditch, London and will showcase the best work of the past year, with entrants hoping to take home one of the coveted pencils. D&AD put together this short film ahead of the awards, speaking to some of the design industry's fiercest critics - our mothers! 

Good luck to everyone entering - we’ll see you there!

22nd January 2017

Getting to know Jida

What three words would you use to describe Paper Stone Scissors?
There to help. 
People work like a family here, giving each other a hand and collaborating to get the best out of everyone. It’s given me lots of opportunities, but it also means the office is full of good vibes. 

What have been three of the most valuable aspects of your time here?
Learning how a creative studio runs, and how designing fits into that puzzle! There’s a whole load of processes and different skills that contribute to getting projects underway.  

Being mentored by amazing designers, who’ve taught me ways to present, be organised, and generally work smartly and effectively.

Also being part of photoshoots with PSS downstairs, and going out on set. Those are experiences I never thought I’d have.

What three bits of advice would you give to someone applying for YourTurn?
Know the industry you’re going into. Do your research about PSS and make sure you’re suitable and relevant. 

20th December 2016

The New-look PSS Website

Christmas has come early at PSS... We thought we'd share the festive fun with an early re-launch of our website! We're still finessing it so don't be surprised if it completely changes next time you see it.

11th November 2016

Find Your Festive

What happens when award-winning bakery owners invite their Italian and Greek family over for a Christmas feast? Something ridiculously delicious, that’s what.

The latest couple to be profiled for our Highpoint campaign, Life in Colour are Toula and Orlando. These two own and run Spotswood favourite, Candied Bakery - an Aussie bakery with a twist. It’s an institution, renowned for creations like the nacho crusted hot dog, apple pie shake or prize winning festive mince pies. This kind of inventiveness means Toula and Orlando really embody the inventive vibrancy of the West. 

Unsurprisingly the PSS team jumped at the chance to meet them - and, yes, enjoy the leftovers from their Christmas spread too. The profile is a must see, but not on an empty stomach!

11th October 2016

PSS x Tractor

At PSS, we are always looking to share our enthusiasm about the design industry with others - especially if it helps to educate and inspire the next generation. 

Our founder and Creative Director, Atia is a mentor at Tractor alongside many of Australia’s top creative minds. Atia shares her knowledge, skills and experience with Tractor’s students to help them feel ready and relevant for their next chapter. We regularly welcome them into the studio and love the energy they bring. 

9th September 2016

Winners are Grinners

We’re over the moon to have won the prestigious Judge’s Choice award at the Catalogies (or Australian Catalogue Association Awards for the uninitiated!).

Our catalogue for the Peter Alexander Mother’s Day campaign with Dame Edna stole the show. This particular award is a special honour as it can’t be entered for specifically. Instead, the judges pick their favourites across all the categories to finally select the winner.

“We are honoured to be recognised for our work with Peter Alexander! This catalogue was all about communicating the style and personality of the brand and I’m so glad that our team’s dedication and efforts were highlighted this year for doing just that” said our Creative Director, Em.


19th August 2016

PSS Winter Feast

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At PSS we’re a bunch of thinkers - but we often also think with our stomachs. Amongst us we’ve got near professional bakers, fervent foodies… and then a lot of greedy so-and-sos.  Food brings us all together, so we thought we’d celebrate that with our bi-annual Feasts. We each come bearing something edible, and sit around the table to devour some truly delicious dishes.

29th July 2016

Chinese Whispers

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Storytelling is an instinctively human thing to do. We live our lives based on the stories we tell and the stories we listen to. Storytelling is at the core of what we do here at Paper Stone Scissors and the foundation for the theme of this project.

This year, we worked with non-profit Heart to Heart on ‘The Library Project’, creating libraries in rural regions of China. We felt the idea of stories and education being passed on through generations, aligned with the ethos of our creative endeavour, Now&Them.

This was where Chinese Whispers was born.

We collaborated with 20 artists and 20 writers to create an exhibition and printed book around the theme of ‘storytelling’. We managed to find a wonderfully eclectic mix - a playwright, architect, rock musician, children’s book author, art collector, barista…and even a comic book superhero.

Our brief for the writers was to continue on from the chapter before them and write the next part of the story, expressing their own individual style, while keeping the overall plot in mind. Each one was then passed onto hand-picked visualisers who created their own interpretation of each chapter.

40 participants, 15 countries, 1 story.

2nd April 2016

PSS Downstairs

Consistent communications are key for our clients, so we’ve made creating visual content a core component of our offering. To support always-on strategies, we opened our in-house photographic studio - PSS Downstairs. Located within our Melbourne studio, it enables art directors quick and direct access to the facility at all times.

This studio gives us the opportunity to offer timely support for our brands, distinct from other more major campaign work we do. GIFs, stop-motion animation, still life and other video production can be used across social channels, websites and print.

We are thrilled to be able to create content that is top quality - yet also agile, reactive and cost-effective. It’s a model to suit ever-growing communications needs.