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Tractor – Enrolment 2015 Side projects 2015

We’re proud to work with the dedicated team at Tractor Design School to help inspire the creative minds of tomorrow. Each year we get an opportunity to meet some really eager and dedicated young professionals that represent the strength of the design industry first hand.

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Making news with the “Royals” New stuff 2014

In an Aussie first, Paper Stone Scissors and Peter Alexander collaborated with famous British artist and photographer Alison Jackson to bring our latest Mothers Day campaign to life. We explored what Mother’s Day might be like for the world’s most famous new mother – the Duchess of Cambridge (and her family)!

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Liam’s Ride Proud Partners 2014

Hearts of Gold, Legs of Steel is a fundraising ride organised by Stu (one of our Finished Artists) to raise money for the son of one of our creative team. Liam, our colleague’s 1 year old son, was recently diagnosed with a chromosome disorder so rare it doesn‘t even have a medical name. We’ve put our support behind this worthy cause and encourage you to as well.

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Juli Balla Launches New Site Side projects 2014

The last few weeks have seen us work on an exciting new brand identity and collateral, and website for our good friend Juli Balla. Juli is one of Australia’s leading fashion and beauty photographers and our relationship goes back many years.

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